Garage Door Repairs & Broken Spring Replacement

From broken spring replacement to damaged panel repairs, Capp Overhead Garage Doors LLC in Little Falls, NJ, offers professional garage door repairs you can count on.

Garage Door and Opener Repairs

There are many reasons why a garage door or opener isn’t operating properly, and we are here to fix it for you. We service any type of garage door or opener, and provide any type of repair needed.
When you are having trouble with your garage door, let us come out and diagnose the issue and give you options, whether you need repairs or complete replacement of your door. At Capp Overhead Garage Doors LLC, we place an emphasis on finding the best value for your money. After we diagnose the problem we will get your garage door or opener back up and running in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner.

Broken Spring Replacement

Normal garage door springs last for approximately 7 to 10 years. When we replace the springs, we replace both of them at the same time so that they will last longer. Spring replacement is considered dangerous and should only be done by a professional, so let us take care of it for you.

Damaged Panel Repair

Sometimes garage door panels become damaged—whether someone hits the door, the cables break, or because of bad weather. In some instances, even normal wear or tear causes the panels to become damaged. When your panels are damaged, we can repair or replace only the damaged panel sections, rather than replacing the whole garage door.

Cable, Roller, & Drum Issues

The cables used for the torsion system, which is what brings the door up and down, sometimes break or come loose. This may then cause the rollers to pop out of place. For your convenience, we carry a full stock of new cables and replace or tighten them back onto the drum as needed. We also carry new rollers and can replace them as needed.

Sensor Issues

The sensors for your garage door need to be working properly for your opener to function well. When there is a problem with your sensors, we repair, realign, or replace them as needed.

Garage Door Off Track

Garage doors sometimes come off track, either because the door hits something or because of a lack of maintenance. When your door is off the track, we repair or replace damaged tracks and get your door back to working order quickly.

When you need one of these issues addressed, contact us to request an estimate.

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